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Online test prep – Hagwon method

Korean Hagwon is the world-famous, most effective cram school for test prep. With our efficient and systematic approach, we help you ace your SAT & ACT.

Elite, yet affordable

Using innovative technology, we make elite test prep available to everyone at low price.

We believe in equal elite training for admission to top schools - regardless of background, social status, or money.


No more college students as teachers just because they got the perfect score on SAT/ACT.

Our teachers are full-time professionals with more than 5 years of experience from one of the most competitive test prep industry in the world – Gangnam, Korea.

Top results

Every year, Hagwon produces dozens of ivy league students and hundreds of top school students over and over again.

Learn the problem patterns, shortcuts, and effective test techniques that will help you make top score on SAT & ACT.

Show. Don’t tell.

We do not just tell you how to approach the question, but actually show you how to solve the problem.

With our classroom-environment videos, you will feel like you are actually 1-on-1 with the teacher. We guarantee that your study time will be more dynamic and more fun.